Cases Sharing

Jack’s Story-Surgical Case Sharing

We first saw Jack when he was 5 months old. When he was adopted by his current owner, he was already not walking well on his right forelimb. We suspected he broke his leg when he was younger. No surgery was performed at that time to correct his problem and his bones had sort of […]

Fi Fi’s story-Surgical Case Sharing

Fi Fi came to us when she was 8 months old with a fractured elbow. Radiographs revealed that her elbow had broken into 3 pieces. To add to the complexity, her joint surface was involved. The elbow joint is unique, as it has major nerves and vessels in the proximity. Fi Fi only weighed 2.3 […]

Gallbladder Mucocoele

Mui Mui suffered from a condition called gallbladder mucocoele. It is an increasingly common condition. Treatment often involves surgical removal of the gallbladder, which carries a 30% mortality rate. However, without treatment, gallbladder mucocoele can progress to potentially fatal complication of gallbladder rupture and peritonitis, as in Mui Mui’s case, where emergency stabilisation and surgery […]

Ehrlichiosis—common Tick Fever in Hong Kong

We have a young French Bulldog patient, presented with back pain, fever, inappetence and lethargy. His clinical signs did not resolve with rest and painkillers. Therefore, further work up was pursued including blood tests. Blood tests revealed low platelets with no anemia, and further test confirmed that he had contracted Ehrlichiosis, a form of tick […]

Malibu’s Case

Malibu came in the clinic having swallowed a durian seed before his parents could catch him! He started vomiting soon afterwards. He had an ultrasonographic exam to confirm that the seed was still in the stomach. With the help of endoscopy, we retrieved the durian seed therefore he did not need to be surgically opened. […]